Primordial Aesthetics and Visionary Art (Elías Capriles)

(1) an aesthetics of the suspension of judgment that – in terms of William Blake’s image – “cleans the windows of perception, making everything appear as it really is: infinite”; and
(2) a type of art whose forms and means facilitate the spontaneous occurrence of such suspension, and whose function could be defined in terms of what Tàpies has said with respect to the social function of his own painting: to allow the spectator of the work to have access to a higher level of experience (or knowledge, although not in the common sense of the term) by means of a brilliant experience, like a sudden initiation into the experience of Zen Buddhism. Elías Capriles

I feel deeply connected to these words and this definition of arts. I might have worked towards that all the time, but as just have read this now, I would like to quote it – as the ultimate goal in arts – in reference to my philosophical and spiritual understanding. Though it will only work if in the moment of creation this idea or concept is absent, for another presence from where I am working from.



1985–86 Free School of Art, Stuttgart
1986–87 Fachabitur Design, Pforzheim
1987–97 Study of visual communication with a focus on photography, FH für Gestaltung, Bielefeld
1993–94 Studies abroad in Bournemouth (UK) with BTEC – Continuing Diploma in Media Production
1997 Degree: Diploma in Art Photography (FH), Bielefeld

Since 1998 Freelance photographer and visual artist, Berlin, Increased focus on drawing and painting,
1999 six-month Buddhist pilgrimage to India and Nepal
2000 Move to Tübingen
2001 Pilgrimage to Santiago the Compostella, via Plum Village, First solo exhibition of drawings in Castel del Piano (Italy)
2009/10 Studio scholarship pro arte, Ulm Art Foundation
2011 Artistic stay (two months), New York (USA)
2011/12 Several months stay in Pondicherry and Auroville (India)
2013 Participation in workshops: DragonDreaming, Werkstatthaus Tübingen, Heterotopien des Urbanen, Ernst Bloch Zentrum, Ludwigshafen, Member and co-organiser of the Verein für zeitgenössische Künste, Shedhalle
2014 Workshops and Training Earthforum Shelley Sachs, ZKM Conference on Bienales, Karlsruhe, longer stay in Cologne, Intensive exploration of communal housing and life projects, such as Tempelhof, near Heilbronn; Auroville, Tamil Nadu; tenement housing syndicate, Transsitiontown Initiative for sustainable (interrelated) living.
2015 Stay in Kochi, Kerala, during the 2nd Indian Art Biennial. Workshop leader photography, Tübingen
2016 Successful eye surgery, in Katharinen Hospital Stuttgart
2017 Discovery of Tenerife with an intense painting phase and meditation time, intensive work on the content preparation of my website and future workshops. Participation in Butoh Dance Classes

solo exhibitions

1997 Shift of borders, photography, FH-Bielefeld
1997 Butoh, Photography, Tacheless, Berlin
2001 Works on Paper, Comune di Castel del Piano (Italy)
2002 Neue Arbeiten, Painting and Drawings, Kunstraum Peripherie und Ausstellungsraum der Künstlerei, Sudhaus, Tuebingen
2003 Visions – Visual implementation of the four ethical principles of all world religions, 4 symbolic pictures on canvas, Global Ethic Foundation, Kunsthalle Tübingen
2003 About Fashion, C_Prints, Look at, Tuebingen
2004 Snow over fire, works on paper, clubhouse, Tuebingen, Germany
2007 photography video drawing, gallery in the Kornhauskeller, pro arte, Ulmer Kunststiftung, Ulm
2008 Drawings, Tübingen, Kunstamt
2015 Crossover, works on paper, MasterArtCafe, Kochi
2017 Joy and Challanges of Trust, works on paper, Tenerife, Dzamling Gar,

participation in exhibitions

1994 Primavera Photografica, Barcelona (Spain)
1994 Mall Galleries, London (UK)
1998 Bohemia Rose, Plasy, (Czech Republic)
2002 Drawings Comune di Castel del Piano (Italy)
2003 Die Zauberflöte, photography/painting, Sächsische Mozartgesellschaft, Chemnitz,
2003 Non finito, C-Print, Shedhalle, Tübingen
2004 The Dignity of Man – Death, Hope, Life, Photography, Hirsch, Tübingen
2009,11,13,15 Open studios, Kunstamt, Tübingen
2013 Light and Video Art Festival, 3 lightboxes Shedhalle, Tübingen

gallery presence

2002 – 07 Inclusion of works in the Joho Gallery, Tuebingen, Germany